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Terms of Service For First Funding DSBC Financial Europe Account

Zuletzt geändert: Sep 01, 2020, 06:35 (UTC+03:00)

You are welcomed to this Terms of Service that is a customer support channel for opening a DSBC Financial Europe Account. These Terms of Service are an integral part of the "Privacy Policy of DSBC Financial Europe”. By joining this Terms of Service, you agree that it only supports each individual or corporate customer based on the evaluation and information that has been checked by our Relationship Manager and/ or the Compliance Team of DSBC Financial Europe.

The purpose of this payment page for the first funding DSBC Financial Europe account is to create a better, easier, and more convenient way to help clients when opening a Personal or Corporate account, and only aims for the purpose of account opening, not for any other transaction purposes.

Before involving in page, please carefully read the Terms of Service below to understand your legal rights and obligations to "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB (“DSBC”, “We”, “Our”) and our partners (if any). Customers, when making first funding, also agree with the following conditions:

  1. For a DSBC Personal Account, the minimum first funding amount is €300 and the maximum first funding amount is €5,000.
  2. For a DSBC Corporate Account, the minimum first funding amount is €3,000 and the maximum first funding amount is €5,000.
  3. If the payment card is not in Euro Currency (The base currency of Card), a currency conversion fee may apply at the issuing bank's exchange rate.
  4. The transaction fee or service fee will be applied at 5,6%, the remaining amount will be transferred to the DSBC account after deducting this fee.
  5. The first funding amount will be credited to your DSBC account after the account is activated.
  6. After performing first funding, customers will have to comply with the request for documents, provide full identity verification information, and sign all forms as required by DSBC.
  7. In case the account is declined or not opened for any reason, the first funding amount which was already transferred will be refunded to the cardholder. The transaction fees, if any, will be deducted from the original amount. We will refund after receiving the official refusal notice to provide an account.
  8. We may refuse any transactions when there are any findings (but not limited) to policy violations, legal violations, and any potential fraud risks.
  9. DSBC has the right to contact the cardholder to verify any information and/ or the funds to comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant parties.
  10. In any case, DSBC will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by the cardholder from the incorrect input of card information, and/ or funding information for a DSBC account, and/ or using a payment method which is not listed on our payment page. DSBC reserves the right to check legality and reserves the right to suspend transactions until such legality is confirmed or to cancel related transactions if this legality cannot be verified.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Service, or issues arising in relation to the Terms of Service on the DSBC website, please contact us here.

"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB

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