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UAE - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

Offshore services account for the United Arab Emirates - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Companies

At DSBC Financial Europe (DSBC), we take efforts every single day to support our offshore business clients around the world to solve their financial challenges when it comes to funds management and international business. Many offshore companies especially in Dubai - UAE are encountering various difficulties in terms of banking account opening.

Amongst more than 30 free zones in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is well known for being innovative and locating at the very heart of Dubai in Jumeirah lakes towers, one of the best locations for clients and staff acquisition. With so many supports for trading commodities from Dubai, DMCC is one of the best places if you are planning to enter the primary or manufacturing industry.

However, even with the best infrastructures and support from the government, when you need to trade with other countries, an offshore account in the European Union region would benefit your company greatly when reaching the global market. At DSBC Financial Europe, we can provide you with many customised services in addition to the ones you get from the DMCC zone.

 Offshore services account for the United Arab Emirates Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Companies
There are certain benefits with an offshore business account in the EU region when your company is based in UAE:
  • DSBC supports companies from the DMCC zone to open European offshore accounts easily for effortlessly doing business outside of the UAE with EUR base currency.
  • With DSBC’s offshore business accounts, you can start doing business in the whole EU, which allows your services and goods to reach 28 different countries - 28 different markets.
  • With our online onboarding process, your application can be completed remotely, saving your precious time.
  • Lithuania has an equally good infrastructure and a stable economy, which would ensure the adaptation process is as smooth as it can.
  • The UAE has the advantages of trading with many countries in Asia via sea route but Lithuania would open your businesses to new markets, not only within the EU but also in the US.
  • DSBC Head office is located in Lithuania, a European nation has good infrastructure and a stable economy, which would ensure the adaptation process is as smooth as it can.
  • We comply with the banking and financial regulations of the European Central Bank and the EU, which means we are a trustworthy partner who can go the long way with your business.

In addition to a perfect location for offshore business accounts, DSBC also offers customers with the best in class services in financing and cash management:

  • Open EU current accounts for non-European entities.
  • Currency diversification.
  • Private Relationship Manager contact point.
  • Unique IBAN issued from DSBC Financial Europe.
  • Wire transfer seamlessly inside and outside the EU.
  • Cost and time efficiency in cash management.
  • Enjoy transferring & receiving money without limitation to foreign countries and vice versa.
  • Multi-currency accounts for both EUR and AED transactions, save foreign exchange fees.
  • Customisation according to your field of operation and your regular transactions.
  • International prepaid/debit MasterCard.

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Document preparation for UAE - RAK ICC companies::

Directors/Shareholders documents:

  • Passport of the account holder
  • Residential proof of the account holder

Legal entity documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Register of Shareholders, Director
  • Certificate of Registered Office
  • Memorandum and articles of association of the company

Our Offer:

  • Free DSBC Financial Europe offshore account opening fee
  • Free Multi-currency overseas account opening fee
  • Free Internet banking and mobile banking for businesses (sign up + monthly fee)

To register an offshore account with us, please follow the below process:

If you want to apply with us, please refer to our eligibility criteria:

  • This account can only be opened by the directors or shareholder/beneficial owner(s) of the company.
  • The company has to retain active status.
  • We accept many types of companies: Free Zone Limited Liability Company, Private Limited Company (Pte.Ltd), Public Limited Company or Limited Partnership, Trust/Foundations, etc. are able to apply for DSBC Financial Europe current accounts as well as other financial services like cash management, cards, foreign exchange or Merchant Account.

If you are still uncertain about whether your business is eligible for opening an offshore account with us please contact us immediately for consultation as we also evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis.

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