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Merchant Services for Business

Checkout Payment

Checkout payment will take a customer off from your site’s checkout page. Once a user clicks on the “Pay Now” button at your website, the user will be redirected to the payment service provider (PSP) page. Here the user needs to fill in his/her payment details. Once the customer makes the payment, he or she will be redirected back to your website to finish the checkout process. Refund and Cancellation of Payment need to be handled at DSBC Financial Europe (DSBC)’s site.

Account Management

Every DSBC Financial Europe Merchant Account customer is supported by an Account Manager dedicated to your needs. Your Account Manager is skilled not only on issues related to your account, but in how to optimize your payment flow and maximize conversions, so take advantage!

Custom Payment Page

Customize your checkout page

Our Editor Tool shows a preview of your changes as you make them. Once you are finished, save the theme, then set it live!

  • Create a name for your theme.
  • Choose colors for the background and a master theme color.
  • Select images for the background or add your logo to the header.
  • Add links from your website such as your return policy.
  • Add your company info and address to the checkout page.

Mobile and Tablet payment page

Mobile and Tablet payment page - DSBC Financial Europe Merchant Services

Mobile and Tablet Payments. DSBC Financial Europe’s mobile and tablet checkouts are optimized to meet the needs of the modern online buyer.

This clear, quick process is just a simple step in the shopping process, ensuring every shopper completes their purchase without interruption or error. Our smart technology detects whether your customers are on a PC, mobile or tablet, and automatically displays an optimized design interface for that device.

Risk Management

DSBC Financial Europe employs a powerful two-tier system of protection that automatically checks for fraud while a dedicated risk management team monitors all your transactions in real time. DSBC Financial Europe performs rigorous fraud checks on each and every transaction.

Real-time Risk management

Our payment services go above and beyond to protect you and your customers from fraudulent activity. We provide security that saves you from worrying about fraud and theft so you can focus on your business.

3D Secure Transaction


  • Protect cardholder against unauthorized use
  • Add layer of fraud protection
  • Shift fraud liability from your business with chargeback protection on qualifying transactions
  • Increase customer confidence when shopping online
  • Reside on secure, reliable and resilient DPG
  • Consolidate MasterCard Payment Gateway Services customer support
  • Be able to negotiate lower rates for 3-D secure transactions with your acquiring bank


PCI Compliance currently has six objectives:

  • to build and maintain a secure network
  • to protect cardholder data
  • to maintain a vulnerability management program
  • to implement strong access control measures
  • to regularly monitor and test networks
  • and to maintain an information security policy.

These objectives are maintained through a set of strict regulations vendors and Payment Service Providers must follow to collect and transfer Credit Card information.


Benefits for vendors:

  • Reduces PCI DSS scope
  • Renders payment card data making it meaningless to hackers
  • Coordinates chargebacks and payments without handling payment data
  • Compatible with your current systems and processor/acquirer

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