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Corporate Account Fees

Euro currency FREE

DSBC Financial Europe Corporate account opening fee

Euro currency FREE

Multi currency current account opening fee


Euro currency FREE

Internet banking for business (sign up + monthly fee)

Euro currency 99

Monthly maintenance fee

Current Account according to standard procedure Free of charge  
Maintenance fee for Current accounts 99 EUR Monthly
Maintenance fee for Multi- Currency Current accounts* +19 EUR Monthly
*Other than EUR currency if available
Additional fee related account opening
For obtaining company’s registration documents from public registers 25 EUR  
Sign up DSBCnet Free of charge Internet Banking, Mobile Banking
Monthly fee subscription Free of charge  
Incoming foreign payments 5 EUR  
Incoming payments within DSBC Financial Europe Free of charge  
  Remittance within DSBC Financial Europe network Free of charge  
Outward Transfers in EUR (1)
  Time of execution Charge paid by the beneficiary (BEN) Charge shared (SHA)
  Standard D+2 (4) 25 EUR + 0.25% (5) 25 EUR + 0.25% (5)
  Urgent D+1 (3) 50 EUR + 0.25% 50 EUR + 0.25%
  Express D (2) 70 EUR + 0.25% 70 EUR + 0.25%
Outward Transfers in foreign currencies (6)
  Standard D+2 (4) 35 EUR + 0.25% (5) 35 EUR + 0.25% (5)
  Urgent D+1 (3) 55 EUR + 0.25% 55 EUR + 0.25%
  Express D (2) 70 EUR + 0.25% 70 EUR + 0.25%
Remittance instruction
  Missing/invalid IBAN charges 30 EUR  
Extra fee for large transactions (7)
  From (transaction amount) To (transaction amount) Fee
  50,000 EUR < 100,000 EUR + 50 EUR
  100,000 EUR < 200,000 EUR + 100 EUR
  200,000 EUR < 500,000 EUR + 250 EUR
  From 500,000 EUR + 300 EUR


  1. Outgoing payments within European Economic Area member-states.
  2. D – current working date, Lithuania time zone, 08:30AM – 11:00AM (cut off time at 11:00AM).
  3. D+1 – value date on the following working day, Lithuania time zone.
  4. D+2 – value date on the next 2 working days, Lithuania time zone.
  5. 0.25% on total amount of transaction.
  6. Maximum transaction fee capped at 150 EUR for Standard D+2. Urgent D+1 and Express D will be charged more 25 EUR and 45 EUR respectively depending on your request.
  7. This service charge is an extra fee for large transactions to check documents and scan KYC compliance . The processing fee is still fixed following the information on the above table.


Account, Statement & Notification
DSBC Financial Europe account statement 10 EUR Hard copy. Free when download via DSBCnet
Balance Certificate for a specific account 20 EUR  
DSBC Financial Europe current account reference letter 50 EUR  
Express courier original copy 60 EUR To client address worldwide: DHL/FedEx
Email notification about account transactions Free of charge  
Account closure
Closing the account after one year Free of charge  
Closing the account within 12 months 1,000 EUR  

Information updated as of 08 October 2020. The fees and charges are subject to change from time to time.

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